Why Do My Teeth Hurt?

Why Do My Teeth Hurt?

The question “Why do my teeth hurt?” is asked when people have an unusual sensation in their mouth and surrounding areas. Pain is a normal body response which signals for attention to your body when something isn’t right. If you feel pain around the tooth—which is often referred to as a toothache—it’s important to pinpoint the origin, the type of pain and also the circumstance when it was first experienced.

Here is a compiled list of common tooth pain symptoms and the likely cause:

Toothache — The Interior of the Tooth

This can be felt when chewing or tapping on the tooth. The pain which is dull and achy doesn’t necessarily have to be aggravated by anything. Pain in the tooth could indicate an infection which if left untreated might spread to the surrounding areas

Bleeding — The Gums and Gum Line

Bleeding in the gums while brushing could be indicative of gingivitis or gum disease.

Swelling — The Gums and Gum Line

Swelling in the gums can happen at any time. It might be caused by an infection like gingivitis or gum disease. Untreated gum disease could lead to more serious problems like tooth loss, diabetes, and heart disease.

Chewing Sensitivity — The Tooth or Gums

Sensitivity in the teeth or gums while chewing could be due to a variety of problems like gum disease or tooth trauma. Tooth trauma could result in a cracked or chipped tooth which will require a filling or having a crown fitted. If unattended, the crack could worsen and the tooth infected leading to tooth loss.

Painful Bump With Puss — The Gums

A painful swelling can develop in the gums at any time. If it contains pus, it could indicate a tooth infection or gum disease.

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