When a Sinus Lift Is Needed for Dental Implants

When a Sinus Lift Is Needed for Dental Implants

Sinus augmentation or elevation is an important procedure for patients who want to support dental implants but don’t have enough healthy bone. More commonly called a sinus lift, it is necessary in cases where tooth loss has lead to bone shrinkage and an enlarged sinus cavity. This happens with missing upper back teeth and as sinuses expand with advanced age.

Sinus Augmentation or Elevation

The elevation lifts the sinus floor and augmentation or a bone graft, adds more density for successful implant placement and retention. The extra bone material is used to fill in the sinus cavity. Your implant dentist will go over the surgical technique that will be used raise your sinuses.

Bone Tissue and Grafting

Your implant dentist will either extract your own bone or use tissue from animals, human cadavers or synthetic material. Every tissue source used for bone grafting is safe and held under strict regulations. All options will be discussed so you know what to expect from each choice.

New Dense Bone

It typically takes about four to 12 months after a bone graft, for successful implant placement and retention. The new, strong bone will provide long-lasting and stable support for the titanium posts and dental crowns. For some patients, sinus augmentation or retention and implant surgery can be performed at the same time, but only if enough dense bone is available.

After the implants have integrated with the bone, and healing is completed, crowns can be secured at the exposed end of the posts. When placed properly dental implants function, feel and look just like your natural teeth.

Sinus lift has been used for many years with predictable results. The augmentation improves the likelihood of a successful implant placement and retention. The common procedure offers minimal discomfort.

If you are missing upper back teeth and are considering getting dental implants, it will first need to be determined if you have enough healthy, dense bone.

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