Tooth extraction may be the right treatment choice for you for one of many reasons. In some cases, our patient’s teeth are so severely decayed or badly damaged, they are beyond repair. Other times, stubborn primary teeth refuse to fall out on their own, wisdom teeth become impacted or a painful infection wreaks oral havoc. If any of these mouth conditions develop and go untreated, this can negatively impact your health. In these types of situations, we recommend one of two types of tooth extraction.

Types of Tooth Extraction

Our Springfield, IL dental office, Renken Dentistry, offers both simple tooth extraction and surgical tooth extraction. Our extraction dentist performs a simple extraction by loosening the affected tooth and using forceps to gently remove it. Surgical extractions are also done in-house. This type of complex tooth removal addresses impacted teeth and requires a small incision.

What to Expect Before Tooth Extraction

An x-ray is taken prior to either tooth extraction procedure so our Springfield, IL extraction dentists can get a clear view of what we need to correct. If we need to do a wisdom tooth extraction, a full panoramic x-ray of the whole mouth needs to be performed prior. If our extraction dentist sees signs of an oral infection, if you have been diagnosed with an immune system disorder or some other health problem, we may prescribe an antibiotic before the tooth extraction and after the procedure.

Candidates for Tooth Extraction

Keep in mind, tooth extraction is not something we take lightly. We will only extract a tooth if doing so will protect your surrounding teeth from infection, if it will ease severe pain or discomfort, or if there is no possible way to save it. To see if a dental tooth extraction is right for you, book an appointment with our office for a tooth extraction consultation today.