At Renken Dentistry in Springfield, IL, we know how painful TMD/TMJ can be for you and how much it can disrupt your life. Patients diagnosed with temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) and similar conditions related to the temporomandibular joints (TMJ), suffer from jaw pain, teeth grinding and frequent headaches. Our TMJ specialists in Springfield offer a variety of TMD/TMJ treatment options and dental appliances to release tension, alleviate pain and help manage your TMD/TMJ symptoms.

Botox Treatments

When injected directly into sore facial muscles, Botox relieves the effects of TMD/TMJ and jaw tension for many of our patients. Botox injections are also effective at minimizing or eliminating headaches that result from teeth grinding. In addition, for patients living with chronic stress symptoms, Botox can successfully treat lock jaw.

Custom-Made Splints or Mouth Guards

Dental splints or mouth guards are custom-made orthotics worn over either the top or bottom teeth. They work to stabilize all your teeth to prevent grinding and clenching. By doing so, tension and tightness are released, jaw pain and headaches are relieved, and teeth sensitivity from grinding is prevented. Splints are also used to correct bite issues and misalignments that may be the source of TMJ symptoms.

Bite Correction

If the root cause of your TMD/TMJ is a problem with your bite or misalignment, correcting your tooth alignment with orthodontics may be the solution. If you have trouble chewing or if you have sensitive teeth, dental crowns or overlays may help improve tooth function, but it won’t prevent you from grinding your teeth.

Additional treatment options include cold laser therapy, ultrasounds, jaw repositioning with an oral appliance, craniomaxillofacial exercises and trigger point injections. Our Springfield TMJ specialists will be able to determine which TMD/TMJ treatment is right for you; book an appointment today.