A sinus lift is a type of corrective surgery we offer to add bone to the maxilla (upper jaw) surrounding the molars. At Renken Dentistry in Springfield, IL, your dentist may recommend a sinus lift procedure if your sinuses rest too close to your jaw, if you are having dental implants inserted, or to lengthen bone height in your upper jaw.

Sinus Lifts for Dental Implants

It is common for patients with missing back teeth to lack enough bone needed to support implants. Some patients naturally have less bone on their upper jaw than they do on the lower portion. If periodontal disease led to tooth loss, the missing teeth may have caused bone loss. The body resorbs the bone when teeth are no longer present. If teeth have been gone for a long time, there is often just not enough jawbone left to place dental implants without sinus lift surgery.

Sinus Lifts to Lengthen Bone Height

We add more bone between the sinuses positioned on either side of the nose and the jaw. The bone may be extracted from several sources, including the patient’s own body or xenograft bone, that comes from cows. To make room for the extra volume we lift the sinus membrane. All dental procedures are performed in-house at Renken Dentistry in Springfield.

Over the past two decades, sinus lifts have become more of a routine procedure, more widely used, since so many patients are opting for dental implants, as opposed to traditional tooth replacement choices.