Sedation Dentistry Toronto, IL

Renken Dentistry provides sedation dentistry near Toronto, IL from our office in Springfield IL. When you’re looking for a “dentist that uses sedation near me”, we are the place to call. We use nitrous oxide, a safe and effective sedative agent. This is what is commonly referred to as “laughing gas”. Some find that once the sedation kicks in, they may laugh. Nitrous Oxide is inhaled through a small mask that we place over your nose, and it is used to help you relax. Nitrous oxide is not intended to make you fall asleep, but to ensure a more comfortable experience at the dentist. You will be able to hear and see everything going on around you as well as speak like you normally would. Some patients notice tingling in their arms and legs as the sedation kicks in, but ultimately it should be a calming experience. When we are done with your treatment, we remove the mask and in just a few minutes you will notice the effects have worn off, and you’re completely fine to drive home or to work and resume normal activities afterward. If you’re looking for sedation dentistry near Toronto, IL, Renken Dentistry is here to serve you.

Check out this review from one of our patients, August R., who is anxious when it comes to visiting the dentist.

“First off, I have THE BIGGEST fear of dentists and dental work. I shake, I cry, it is so embarrassing. But these folks get it. They are so respectful, understanding and considerate. They take the time to walk me through the procedures and show me what is what! Today I had the most positive experience there getting a filling, positively pain free, so wonderful! Doctor Renken has the biggest heart. He works well with his staff, clearly, they have good strong professional relationships and make a good team! He has great people skills and can talk about anything. The whole place is a well-oiled machine. In each little exam station there is a giant window with a view of the garden. I can’t even say how relaxing it is!”

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