Sedation Dentistry New City, IL

For some patients, sedation dentistry is the only way they are going to see a dentist in New City, IL or anywhere else. At Renken Dentistry, we understand that some people are nervous around dentists. We work hard to make our office a place where everyone, from the littlest kids to their grandparents, are comfortable. Our front office staff is friendly and helps set up appointments at your convenience, we explain treatment options in terms everyone can understand, and we ensure our patients are comfortable throughout treatment. We want everyone to have a happy and healthy smile! That’s how we’ve become the dentist for anxiety patients in central Illinois. 

Our office is centrally located in Springfield, and we see patients for sedation dentistry from Pawnee, Toronto, Beckenridge, Rochester, and New City, IL as well as the surrounding areas. As a dentist for anxiety patients, we want to ensure our patients see the dentist regularly for checkups. Regular oral health care is the way to prevent cavities, and to stop any issues like gum disease before they spread. Professional teeth cleaning and dental check ups can help prevent more expensive and more extensive procedures like root canals down the road. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry for our New City, IL patients. If you are a patient who has extreme anxiety around dentists, we want to make sure you get regular orthodontic treatment and dental care. Our office can arrange for you to be sedated during your treatment with nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is a safe treatment that has been used for years, has no side effects, and wears off quickly once treatment is over. You will be comfortable throughout the treatment and able to drive yourself home afterwards. While you will be awake, the nitrous oxide makes patients with anxiety around the dentist much more comfortable and able to receive care.

If you need dental care, don’t put it off because you are scared. Talk to Renken Dentistry about what we can do to ensure you are comfortable throughout your treatment. We look forward to meeting you.  

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