Sedation Dentistry Jacksonville, IL

Are you scared of going to the dentist but need treatment? If you live in Jacksonville, IL, our sedation dentistry can alleviate your fears and elevate your smile! At Renken Dentistry, we specialize in giving our patients the critical oral healthcare they require while keeping them comfortable and calm. Our professional and compassionate dentists and staff and our spacious, relaxing office space are enough to soothe the anxieties of most of our patients, but if you have oral care that you keep putting off because you are terrified of dentists, we highly recommend sedation dentistry.

There are no needles in sedation dentistry. A sedation dentist administers nitrous gas, also known as laughing gas, through a mask fitted over the patient’s nose. Our dentist will continuously check on your comfort and give oxygen and nitrous gas throughout the course of treatment as needed. Benefits of nitrous gas include it being fast to both take effect and wear off, full patient consciousness even though you will likely have no memory of the treatment, and the ability to drive yourself home afterward.

Sedation dentistry is proven as a safe and effective way for patients who are scared of the dentist but still need treatment. We will ensure your comfort and ease before, during and after procedures that can include periodontal treatment, root canal therapy, and even tooth extraction when necessary. We warmly welcome each and every patient and will have you feeling so relaxed, you will find yourself looking forward to visits like you are going to a day spa!

Our pledge is that we will get to you as quickly as possible, that we will work hard to understand exactly what you need and what is most important to you, that we will make a plan that works for you, that we will get your urgent, active conditions under control and that we will build a long, healthy oral care future for you and your mouth. If you are in Jacksonville, IL and considering sedation dentistry, please call us today at (217) 483-7177 or visit us online to schedule an appointment to get the strong, healthy smile you deserve! 

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