Sedation Dentistry Bradfordton, IL

Looking for sedation dentistry near Bradfordton, IL? Renken Dentistry can help. Our dental offices offer Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas, along with our services. When you’re scared of the dentist but need treatment, Renken Dentistry has the best option for your care needs. With our sedation dentistry near Bradfordton, IL, dental care is an easy experience. Nitrous Oxide helps to put our anxious patients at ease, and patients are still fully aware of their surroundings. Our dentist also has the capability to adjust the depth of sedation at any point during your treatment or procedure. No injection is necessary, so there is no need to worry about needles being involved.

Our sedation dentistry near Bradfordton, IL administers laughing gas through a mask that gets placed over your nose. The mask is attached to a device which houses and regulates a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen. You will inhale the gases and within just a few minutes, you will feel the effects of the nitrous oxide sedation. We understand those who are scared of the dentist but need treatment. We work with patients that have this fear daily and do our best to make it as comfortable of an experience as possible.

Check out this Google review from one of our patients, Christine B.

“Dr. Renken and Natalie Patterson are compassionate, experienced and professional. I was treated with a dental appliance for sleep apnea and was no easy case due to my unique problems. I trust Dr. Renken as a dentist and admire him as a person. Natalie is amazing! Natalie is smart, responsive and always cheerful. Other family members are scheduled with Renken dentistry later this month! Go there, you won’t regret it!”

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