Root Canal New City, IL

Do you need a root canal in New City, IL? Renken Dentistry wants to make sure that all our patients have a happy and healthy smile. That’s why we offer root canals and other treatments like cavity filling, cleaning, tooth extraction, orthodontia, gum disease treatment, and more from our Springfield office. We have become a trusted dentist for residents all over central Illinois.

How do you know if you need a root canal in New City, IL? Some people find they need root canal therapy if they have avoided going to the dentist for a long time. We understand that sometimes oral health gets put on the back burner, but we recommend going to the dentist regularly for check-ups. Seeing your Renken dentist every six months for a cleaning and check-up will ensure that any gum disease or tooth decay is caught early on. If gum disease is caught quickly, it might just entail a thorough cleaning and careful oral hygiene habits moving forward. If ignored, it can be irreversible. If tooth decay is caught early on, the fix might be a small cavity filling. However, left unchecked, that decay may cause sensitivity to hot and cold foods, difficulty chewing, and tooth pain. That’s when you may need more extensive treatment to rid your tooth of decay and protect the root.

Quality Treatment

Renken Dentistry offers root canal treatment for New City, IL patients as a way to save your tooth. A root canal treatment clears existing decay, fills in the inner root of the tooth, and protects the tooth from further damage. Without this treatment, the decay can spread past the canal and into the deeper root. At this point, your only option may be tooth extraction. 

If you’re searching for “dentist near me” online, you want a compassionate and experienced dentist who can handle a range of general, cosmetic, and reconstructive services. Fortunately, Renken Dentistry offers a wide variety of dental services in-house! There’s no need to get outside referrals or go from specialist to specialist when Renken can handle all your dental needs.

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