Root Canal Jacksonville, IL

Are you concerned that you may need a root canal? If you live in Jacksonville, IL, worry no more! Renken Dentistry, with our compassionate professional staff, beautiful facility and soothing atmosphere, will help you sort out if treatment requires cleaning, a dental filling, or surgical treatment, such as root canal therapy.  We have the highly qualified dentists, dental hygienists and front office staff, and the latest dental technology and equipment, making Renken Dentistry the best choice for your whole family.

Root canal is a term that can cause anxiety, but surgical pulpectomy is specifically designed to alleviate pain, treat severe tooth infection and save the damaged tooth. Have you been chewing exclusively on one side of your mouth because of pain on the other side? Are you experiencing sensitivity to hot or cold foods and liquids—or even just cold air? Deep pain in the depths of your tooth could signal spreading infection and warn you about a future abscess. Rather than wait it out and possibly lose your tooth because of an abscess, the root canal procedure can be done in-house in our Springfield office.

The root canal is a narrow channel that connects the dental crown to the tooth root. This chamber of pulp supplies blood to the tooth, fueled by a network of nerves, vessels, and tissue. This is the core of your tooth, and if it becomes infected because of damage, it can lead to serious dental health outcomes. A professional, caring Renken dentist will remove the damaged pulp, stop the spread of further infection and save the damaged tooth. If you live in Jacksonville, IL and think you might require root canal treatment, please come and see us before the condition worsens. We want to restore your tooth to full functionality!

Whether you need regular cleanings to prevent gum disease, a dental filling, or even orthodontics, you will enter our spa-like facility and immediately feel the relief of knowing that you are receiving care from our top-notch staff and state-of-the-art technology.  To get the strong, healthy smile you deserve, call us today at 217-483-7177 or visit us online to schedule an appointment. 

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