Root Canal Breckenridge, IL

Do you need a root canal in Breckenridge, IL? Patients may need a root canal if they’ve neglected to make an appointment for a cavity filling and the tooth decay has progressed into the root canal. This procedure actually saves the tooth from further decay. Without a root canal and further decay, the tooth may need to be extracted. We understand that dental health gets put on the back burner sometimes, and we want to help restore your smile.

What are signs you need a root canal in Breckenridge, IL? If you’re noticing that you have a distinct pain in one area of your mouth, to the point where you chew exclusively on one side, you may have advanced tooth decay. Usually teeth at this stage are very sensitive to hot or cold food and beverages. If you’re experiencing oral pain, it’s important to schedule an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible. If you Google “dentist near me” you’ll find that Renken Dentistry is highly recommended, conveniently nearby, and has experienced dentists on staff. We offer a range of general, cosmetic, and restorative dental treatments. We offer most treatments in-house, which is convenient for our patients. There’s no need to see an outside specialist for a root canal or tooth extraction. You can see your regular Renken dentist!

Dentistry For All Ages

We also treat patients of all ages, which means the whole family can come to Renken Dentistry. Everyone from kids to grandparents can make their appointments with our office. We make sure every patient, regardless of age or oral health condition, is comfortable in our office. We want to ensure that all our patients have a happy and healthy smile. Whether you need a cavity filling or a root canal treatment in Breckenridge, IL, you can count on our dental office to provide a warm, welcoming environment. Our spa-like practice is located in Springfield and serves the surrounding area. Since we are open 7 AM – 6 PM Monday – Thursday, many patients find it convenient to stop by before or after work, school, and other daily activities. Call (217) 483-7177 to schedule an appointment with Renken Dentistry today!

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