Root Canal Bissell, IL

Are you looking for a reputable dentist to perform a root canal in the Bissell, IL area? Renken Dentistry is exactly the right place to go. We are a full-service dental office located in Springfield, IL providing patients of all ages with basic, advanced, and cosmetic dental care. We offer a number of options for our patients experiencing tooth decay, infection, or pain, including cavity filling, pulpectomy treatment, and more. If you’re trying to find a dentist near me that will do right by you and your family, you can rely on us.

We understand that the prospect of needing a serious dental procedure is rarely a fun one. A root canal, in particular, is a topic that often makes our Bissell and other local patients nervous because it has such a reputation for being uncomfortable or even painful. However, in our office, we incorporate procedures to reduce your discomfort as much as possible and make the entire procedure easier on you. Whether you’re interested in sedation dentistry or another method of pain management, all you need to do is communicate your needs to us and we’ll work with you. When a root canal is on the table, there’s typically a very good reason – you’re likely already experiencing infection or pain from the pulp in your tooth, and the procedure will alleviate that pain and treat your infection.

Before you get to that point, it’s wise to keep up with your routine preventative dental care so that your dentist can catch signs of decay or infection before they get bad enough to necessitate a more complex procedure. If your dentist finds decay, they can perform a much simpler cavity filling procedure in order to save the tooth and protect it against infection. It’s always best to treat smaller problems early than to let them go for too long until they become more serious – and more expensive – issues. Your dental health and comfort is important to us!

You can find a complete range of dental services at Renken Dental. We provide crowns, implants, and root canal procedures for our Bissell area patients, as well as x-rays, routine cleanings, emergency dental work, veneers, teeth whitening, orthodontic options, and much more. You can even come to us for TMJ or sleep apnea treatment! We accept a variety of dental insurance plans, but if you don’t have insurance, don’t worry. You can sign up for our Health Assurance plan, a monthly membership fee that starts as low as $25/month for an individual and covers your routine preventative care and offers discounts on our other procedures. Call us to learn more!

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