Orthodontist Bissell, IL

Find your new favorite orthodontist serving Bissell, IL patients right here at Renken Dentistry! We offer a couple of orthodontic options intended to help you improve your smile, correct your bite, or remedy issues that are causing you difficulty. You might be considering braces for purely cosmetic reasons, or you may be experiencing pain that can be corrected with an adjustment to the position of your teeth. Whatever your reason, our team is here for you and you’ll find a great orthodontist near me in no time!

Our first orthodontic option is Invisalign, which is popular among our patients because of its versatility and lack of metal brackets. An orthodontist will be happy to meet with new Bissell patients to go over the full scope of a proposed Invisalign plan, from taking the initial impression of the mouth to the number of trays that will be necessary to achieve the desired goal. While your dentist will recommend you keep the trays in for up to 22 hours every day, this option differs from traditional braces because the trays are fully removable for brushing and eating, and they’re swapped out every two weeks for a new set that will continue to the repositioning of the teeth. This gives you more freedom to eat, drink, brush, and floss without impairment.

The other option we offer here in the office is called 6 Month Smiles, a procedure that shifts and straightens teeth quickly and without too much pressure. This option uses traditional fixed brackets and elastics commonly associated with normal braces and is most effective for patients who need minor corrections, though it can be used for more advanced cases. It will get the job done fast so you can get back to smiling wide in no time!

Please call ahead anytime to make an appointment to meet with an orthodontist currently accepting new patients from Bissell and the surrounding areas. Renken Dentistry is conveniently located in nearby Springfield, IL and accepts most forms of dental insurance. No insurance? No worries! We also offer an alternate membership plan called Health Assurance that will cover basic dental care and offers discounts on our other procedures for as low as $25/month for an individual. Call now to book!

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