Laser Gum

When you flash those pearly whites, are they overwhelmed with an overgrowth of gums or surrounding tissue? The most stunning smiles display just the right balance of gums and teeth. At Renken Dentistry in Springfield, IL, we can give you that perfect grin with laser gum recontouring and reshaping. This safe, gentle procedure eliminates excess gum tissue carefully and improves your smile.

Reasons for Gum Contouring & Reshaping

Patients with gums that reach up high have teeth that appear to be too small. This can result due to genetics, the side effect of a medication or a health condition. With other patients, gum recession is present, and the teeth look too long. This happens when gum tissue separates from the tooth and the root gets exposed causing not only an aesthetic concern but a health risk. Gum recession may also be a symptom of periodontal disease.

Laser Gum Contouring from Renken Dentistry

Laser gum contouring is a cosmetic dental procedure offered at Renken Dentistry, to reshape the soft tissue and create harmony between your gums and teeth. Depending on the condition being treated, we will either repair the recession by adding gum tissue or trim away overgrowth.

Our non-surgical laser gum contouring procedures are virtually pain-free and highly effective. Our Springfield cosmetic dentists use the most innovative technology to reshape your gum line fast, with minimal recovery time.

All laser gum recontouring services are performed in-house. We use a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area and gently remove the unwanted gum tissue, showing off more of the tooth length with minimal discomfort if any at all. If you’re ready to perfect your smile with laser gum recontouring, book an appointment with our office today!