Kid Friendly Dentistry Morrisville, IL

Kid friendly dentistry near Morrisville, IL is found at Renken Dentistry. Our offices are close by Morrisville, IL in Springfield, IL. We specialize in kid dental care and are specifically trained dentists for nervous patients. We understand dental care can be an intimidating experience, which is why it is our goal to make you and your family as comfortable as possible with the whole experience.

Check out this Google review from one of our amazing patients, Levi L. 5-Stars.

“A wonderful facility that is not only start of the art, but also all the staff are very nice and great with kids also! They really do care about their patients, and they go the extra mile to prove it. If you are even slightly afraid of dentists, or pain, I would implore you to go to Dr. Renken. The assistants are all fantastic as well and each visit is a pleasure!”

As kid friendly dentistry near Morrisville, IL, we believe it is important to get your child comfortable with dentistry as toddlers. Getting children used to the experience means that they will know what to expect and not be scared going to the dentist. We want to make kid dental care a fun experience for all of our patients. This is why we offer the FYSH School (Find Your Smile Here)

Renken Dentistry in Springfield offers children the fun, FYSH (Find Your Smile Here) School educational program to teach kids all about dental health and dentists for children. Our kid friendly dentistry near Morrisville, IL helps reinforce the foundation for a lifetime of good oral hygiene habits. By addressing old wives’ tales that may be confusing to children, and taking age appropriate steps, kids gain an understanding of the importance of dental health, gradually. To learn more about this program give us a call today at (217)-483-7177.

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