Invisalign Taylorville, IL

Ever thought about getting Invisalign Taylorville, IL residents? If so, then you should contact the professionals at Renken Dentistry. An Invisalign doctor can discuss the benefits of clear aligner trays over traditional metal braces with you. Our office will examine your teeth and see if you are a good candidate for Invisalign.

One of the biggest benefits Invisalign provides is the level of convenience. Normal braces are directly attached to your teeth with special bonding glue and will be fixed to your teeth for several months. The wires and brackets cause numerous restrictions on what you can eat, eliminating a large selection of food. They also require nearly twice the normal amount of time to brush your teeth for a proper cleaning, a total of four minutes, and that isn’t even including the extended amount of time that flossing requires. With Invisalign, you bypass these issues entirely thanks to the fact that you can simply remove them whenever you would like! This means that you can don’t have to worry about restricting your selection of food or spending far more time on your teeth, simply take them out and put them back on when you are done! This convenience is one of many reasons patients choose Invisalign in Taylorville, IL and the surrounding areas.

Another great benefit is the level of comfort that Invisalign provides. Traditional braces have metal brackets and wires that scrape, cut, and “rough-up” the inside of the wearer’s mouth. An Invisalign doctor at Renken Dentistry will provide you with a personalized container made of soft, flexible plastic that is specifically designed for you, resulting in a far more gentle and comfortable solution for your mouth.

If you have ever wanted to improve your smile but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of metal braces, then you should be sure to contact our team. You can be sure that we provide the best Invisalign for Taylorville IL patients. Give us a call at (217) 483-7177 to schedule a consultation. We offer a range of services including Invisalign, general dentistry, teeth whitening, root canal therapy, dental implants, and more.

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