Invisalign Sherman, IL

At Renken Dentistry, we know traditional metal braces can be inconvenient; that’s why we offer Invisalign. Invisalign treatment uses a series of clear plastic aligners to straighten your smile. They’re barely noticeable, comfortable, and completely removable. Even better, they can give you the smile you’ve always wanted in less time than metal braces! If you’ve been searching for an Invisalign doctor in the Sherman, IL area, contact us today to find out if Invisalign right for you.

Orthodontic treatment is about more than just aesthetics. Teeth that are too crowded or have gaps can trap food and be more difficult to clean. This makes these teeth more at risk for decay and gingivitis. Misaligned bites can also make oral hygiene difficult, as well as interfere with proper chewing and putting a strain on the jaw muscles. Traditional metal braces are very effective, but they tend to be uncomfortable. Food and plaque can get trapped in braces, making your risk of developing cavities higher. Metal braces can also cause staining and demineralization of your teeth. Beyond that, many patients don’t like the look of traditional braces. Invisalign is the perfect solution!

Custom-Fit Treatment

Invisalign treatment uses custom-fit trays to gently shift your teeth to the desired position. You’ll change them out every two to three weeks, and most patients reach their desired results within a year. The aligners are completely removable, making eating, brushing, and flossing easy. You can even take them out for photos or special events. They do need to be worn the majority of the day to be truly effective, but they’re practically invisible – most people won’t even notice you’re wearing them!

We also offer Six Month Smiles, also known as “invisible braces.” These are similar to traditional braces but use fixed tooth-colored brackets and wires to shift your teeth. They’re discreet and most patients reach their desired results within six to nine months. With modern orthodontics, we can straighten your smile quickly, comfortably, and discreetly!

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