Invisalign Loami, IL

Are you looking for a dentist offering Invisalign in Loami, IL? Look no further! Renken Dentistry is the Invisalign doctor you need. Our office is conveniently located in Springfield and has extended hours to make it easy to stop by the dentist before or after work, school, and other activities. We make the entire orthodontia process as smooth as possible for our patients, which is why we recommend Invisalign in the first place. 

This clear aligner tray system progressively moves your teeth into your desired position.

It is much faster and less obtrusive than traditional metal braces. While braces can take years to achieve the final position, Invisalign treatment can be completed in just a year! While you are undergoing treatment, the trays are much less noticeable than clunky metal brackets and wires. The trays are clear and blend in with your teeth, barely visible to someone who isn’t looking. 

While you do have to wear the Invisalign trays all day and night in Loami, IL, you can take it out for eating, drinking, brushing, and flossing. We recommend you wear your trays for over 20 hours each day, but you can take it out if going out to dinner with friends or for a special occasion like a wedding. The advantage of this system is the flexibility to choose what works for you. Also, by taking out the trays each day to brush and floss, you avoid build-up and stains on your teeth. Unlike braces that are on your teeth for years and can hide stains underneath, you can take off your Invisalign tray each day to brush and floss – thus ensuring that nothing gets stuck in the tray. 

If you have been considering Invisalign in Loami, IL, come into Renken Dentistry for a consultation. An experienced Invisalign doctor will review your dental history and expectations to determine if you are a good candidate for the system. We want everyone to have a happy and healthy smile. If you want to fix unsightly gaps or need assistance fixing teeth alignment, our office can help. Contact Renken today.

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