Invisalign Bradfordton, IL

Looking for Invisalign near Bradfordton, IL? Renken Dentistry has the Invisalign dentist you have been searching for! Since 2003 we have been helping our patients live healthy and confident lives. Invisalign boosts confidence by gradually straightening your teeth without anyone noticing you’re wearing a retainer. When debating between Invisalign and braces, Invisalign just makes more sense. No emergency appointments due to broken wires in your braces, no eating limitations, no yellow stains, Invisalign is nearly invisible, and the average duration of treatment is just 12 months. Invisalign even costs less than traditional braces. Book a free consultation today with our Invisalign dentist to learn about costs and projected treatment duration, today!

Wondering how the process of Invisalign near Bradfordton, IL works? After your initial consultation, we’ll take imaging of your teeth, and send it to our lab to have your sets of retainers made. The number of retainers you receive depends on your unique smile and the duration of treatment needed. Our Invisalign provider will have you progress through each retainer around every two weeks. We’ll have you come in about once per month to check in and see how your progress is going and make any adjustments if necessary. Did you know we even provide teeth whitening services? At Renken Dentistry, our goal is to be your families go-to location for a transformed smile.

We think we are the number one Invisalign Dentist, but don’t just take it from us, check out this 5-Star review from one of our customers, Penny S.

“Thanks again for another great experience. You all are wonderful and make me feel like I am the only person that you have to work on. You all make me feel so special and comfortable. Thank you all so much.”

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