Invisalign Bissell, IL

Trying to find a qualified dentist offering Invisalign in the Bissell, IL area? If so, then Renken Dentistry is the place to go. Our office is located in nearby Springfield, making us a convenient stop for your treatments. Your Invisalign dentist will meet with you to go over your treatment plan and the timeline you can expect so that you start the journey equipped with all the knowledge you need. Often, trying to find a good Invisalign orthodontist near me can result in a lot of mediocre results or results that aren’t actual dentists – some cosmetic services provide Invisalign. To be sure you’re getting a qualified professional, choose a full-service dental office.

Invisalign has been available to residents of Bissell for many years now, but even so, it can feel overwhelming when you’re looking for the right place to go for treatments. Choosing a good dentist will help you feel better about your decision because they have the knowledge base and experience to make sure your experience is a good one. Invisalign works by creating a mold of the current positioning of your teeth and then making a series of trays that will gradually improve your teeth and your bite until you achieve the desired results. It’s less invasive, less expensive, and faster than traditional braces. Often treatments only last about 18-24 months, as opposed to multiple years with standard orthodontics. Not only that, but they’re “invisible” and removable trays that don’t change the look of your smile while you’re undergoing treatment. As a qualified Invisalign orthodontist near me will inform you, you’ll be wearing your trays for most of your day, up to 22 hours, but they can be removed for meals and brushing.

Ultimately you’ll be very glad you chose an experienced dental office to get your Invisalign treatments in the Bissell, IL area. In addition to orthodontics, our skilled team also provides a full range of basic, advanced, and cosmetic dental care, including treatment for TMJ and sleep apnea. We’re accepting patients of all ages, from children to seniors, and accept a wide range of insurance plans. If you don’t currently have dental insurance, don’t worry – we also offer our own alternate Health Assurance Plan, which covers basic preventative care and discounts on other treatments for a monthly membership fee that starts as low as $25/month for an individual.

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