Helping Your Child Trust The Dentist

Dentist for Kids

Is your child afraid of the dentist? It’s normal for children to be nervous before their dental visits, usually because they don’t know what to expect. The good news is, you can help! Here are just a few ways you can help your child trust the dentist.

Be Honest But Avoid Negativity

Misleading your child about what will happen at the dentist will only add to their fear and anxiety when they get in and find it’s not what they expect. It’s best to be honest with your child about what happens at a dentist appointment so they feel prepared, but you can do this while avoiding negative or scary language that might upset them.

It helps to avoid scary words like “shots” or “drill” that can make your child nervous. If you treat the dentist like a normal occurrence, your child will come to see it as normal, too.

Address Existing Sources Of Fear

Many fears about the dentist are irrational and are gathered from the way dentists are portrayed in the media. Try to uncover what scares your child about the dentist and put those fears to rest. For example, if they’re afraid a procedure will hurt, let them know that the dentist will always numb the area before performing any intense procedures so they won’t even feel it. It could be that their fears are completely unfounded.

We Are Happy To Help

At Renken, our friendly staff has experience with patients of all ages. If your child is still nervous, we can help calm them down and make their dental experience fun instead of scary. To book your child’s dental appointment at Renken, give us a call at 217-483-7177 today!

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