Fluoride is an essential mineral proven to prevent cavities and, repair and restore teeth in the early stages of dental caries. It is so important, that it is often added to tap water. At Renken Dentistry in Springfield, IL, Topical fluoride is applied to children’s teeth and offered to adults at high risk of developing tooth decay. The professional strength fluoride used by our dentists is much stronger than the concentration added to over-the-counter toothpaste, mouthwash, and dietary supplements.

Types of Fluoride Solutions

  • Topical fluoride covers any fluoridated product applied directly to tooth enamel, this includes toothpaste, rinses and the professional fluoride treatments we apply in-office.
  • Systematic fluoride is swallowed, like dietary supplements and tap water. The best line of defense is to use both topical fluoride and systematic fluoride options.

Fluoride Treatments from Renken Dentistry

A topical fluoride treatment at our Springfield dental clinic takes only a few minutes. We use either a rinse, foam, gel or a varnish brushed onto the tooth surface or applied with a cotton swab. Avoid eating, drinking or rinsing your mouth for at least 30 minutes after receiving a topical fluoride treatment. Waiting will allow enough time for the fluoride to penetrate your teeth, and strengthen and repair weak areas.

Frequency of Fluoride Treatments

Depending on how well you have maintained your oral health, your Springfield, IL dentist may recommend professional fluoride applications every three months, or more. Every six to 12 months is a more typical treatment plan. If necessary, more aggressive measures can be taken such as antibiotic rinses or a prescription fluoride treatment gel if you are at an even higher risk of developing dental caries. If it’s almost time for a fluoride treatment, book an appointment with our office today!