Dentures Morrisville, IL

In need of dentures near Morrisville, IL? Renken Dentistry offers both full dentures and partial dentures. We are dentists that specialize in dental care for the whole family. At Renken Dentistry, we’re not just concerned about your smile; we focus on your oral and overall health for life. We provide affordable dental care even if you don’t have insurance with Health Assurance; our membership plan that helps you get discounts and save money on our wide range of dental care options.

Check out this recent Google review from one of our wonderful patients, Libby R. 5-Stars.

“I love Renken Dentistry! I have been a patient for 4-5 years now and am comfortable seeing any doctor that is available. All of the doctors are very good, and you will always get the same excellent service and results no matter who your appointment is with. Wonderful atmosphere with friendly people. Highly recommend this office”

Wondering what the process is like having full dentures or partial dentures made? It’s simpler than you think!

The process of getting dentures is done in three steps. First, we will examine your mouth to see if there are any teeth that need to be extracted. We’ll extract the teeth necessary, and from there, we will give you temporary dentures. Our dentist and the laboratory will create your dentures from an impression of your mouth. We’ll discuss your tooth shape, size, and color options. Once your dentures are made, we will have you try them on and wear them until your next visit, at which point any adjustments can be made. Be sure to stick to soft foods in the beginning so your mouth can adjust to the dentures. That’s all there is to it!

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