Dentist Mouth Guard Spaulding, IL

If you or your children participate in sports or recreational activities, it’s essential to protect your teeth with a dentist mouth guard. Soccer, baseball, hockey, and even activities like bicycling and skating come with the risk of impact-related injuries. In fact, approximately 25% of oral injuries we see at our office related to sports. At Renken Dentistry, we offer comfortable mouth guards that are custom-made for your mouth. These are far more effective in preventing oral injuries than over the counter products. We also offer mouth guards for bruxism (teeth grinding) and to relieve TMJ (temporomandibular joint) symptoms. If you’ve been searching Spaulding, IL for a custom mouth guard, contact us today to schedule your appointment. 

Mouth guards should be worn for any activity that carries a risk of impact to the mouth. If you get hit hard in the mouth by a ball, it could displace teeth or even cause teeth to break or be knocked out. Mouth guards protect your teeth by cushioning the impact and distributing the force across your whole mouth. In addition, they help protect the soft tissues in your mouth from being injured by your teeth. Using a mouth guard can also prevent jaw fractures.

A dentist mouth guard is made using a mold of your teeth, offering greater protection and comfort than the ones sold in athletic supply stores. While these “bite and boil” mouthguards are better than no protection at all, they often fit poorly and can be uncomfortable to wear. A mouth guard that slips and slides in the mouth isn’t as effective as a custom mouth guard. Poor-fitting mouth guards can also be distracting to athletes who are trying to focus on the game! A custom mouth guard is designed with your mouth measurements and oral needs in mind. This is especially important if you have braces because the mouth guard will fit over them comfortably and protect your orthodontic work.

Mouth guards aren’t just for sports and recreation! Teeth grinding can be painful and damaging to your teeth. Occasional bruxism may not be a cause for concern, but if it becomes chronic, it can lead to worn or cracked teeth, headaches, jaw soreness, and facial pain. It may also cause fatigue, as it can disrupt sleep. Most cases of bruxism can be easily treated by wearing a dentist mouth guard at night. The mouth guard creates a barrier between your teeth and lessens tension in the jaw muscles. A mouth guard may also help Spaulding, IL patients who have TMJ.

We want all our patients to be able to enjoy life to the fullest with a healthy, beautiful smile! If you or a loved one is in need of a comfortable mouth guard, visit us at Renken Dentistry. We offer comprehensive dental care for the entire family, including teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, dental fillings, dental implants, and more. Schedule your appointment online or by giving us a call at 217-483-7177.

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