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A dentist mouth guard should be in every athlete’s equipment bag. Nearly 25% of all oral injuries we see at our office are sports-related – and they could have been prevented with the use of this important protective gear. While “bite and boil” mouth guards from the athletic store are better than nothing at all, they don’t work as well. These one-size-fits-all mouth guards aren’t as comfortable and don’t protect the mouth as well. We love that our Palmer, IL patients are active and want you to continue enjoying the activities you love. With a custom mouth guard, you can enjoy sports and recreation without fear of dental injuries. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. 

How Does a Dentist Mouth Guard Help?

When playing high-impact sports, athletes are at risk for a variety of oral injuries. A blow to the face by a ball or an elbow can cause lip or cheek lacerations or even knock out a tooth. It’s not just sports, either. Many recreational activities, like horseback riding or skateboarding, can also cause dental injuries. It’s estimated that athletes are 60 times more likely to suffer from an oral injury when they don’t use a mouth guard. 

A custom mouth guard works by protecting your teeth and soft tissues from the force of impact to the face or head. If you’re wearing a dentist mouth guard and take a blow to the head, the mouth guard will redistribute the force of the impact and dissipate the energy. They’re generally worn on the top teeth only because the top teeth tend to stick out more and be more prone to injury. A custom mouth guard is custom-made to fit your individual mouth. This means it’s more comfortable and provides the best possible fit. It won’t slip around in your mouth or cause uncomfortable rubbing. It will also be more durable than anything you’d purchase at the store. 

We can also provide a dentist mouth guard for TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders or nighttime teeth grinding. If you have TMJ, we also offer Botox injections, which can be very effective in reducing tension and pain. As a full-service dental office, we offer a wide range of services, from general dentistry to cosmetic. You’ll find every service you need to have a healthy, beautiful smile at our friendly professional office.

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