Dentist Mouth Guard Girard IL

Using a dentist mouth guard is the best way to protect your mouth from injury from sports or recreational activities. While a store-bought “bite and boil” mouth guard is better than no protection at all, they aren’t as effective. Store-bought mouth guards can slip around in the mouth, giving you less protection from impact-related injuries. A dentist mouth guard is custom created for your mouth, offering a better, more comfortable fit. We can also provide you with a custom mouth guard for nighttime teeth grinding or clenching. Schedule your appointment today!

The Importance Of A Mouth Guard

Why is it so important to use a custom mouth guard for sports? Believe it or not, approximately 25% of all mouth injuries we see at our office are related to sports. Contact sports like football, soccer, or basketball aren’t the only activities that carry a risk of dental injuries. Recreational activities like horseback riding, skating, or skateboarding can also cause dental trauma. That’s why we recommend our patients use protective gear whenever possible. A custom mouth guard can protect against damage to the teeth as well as soft tissue and jaw injuries. Since a dentist mouth guard is made for your mouth, it’s a better fit than a mouth guard you’d find at an athletic supply store. A store-bought mouth guard may slide around in the mouth, preventing it from protecting your teeth. Typically mouth guards only cover the top teeth, because the top teeth are often more at risk of injury. However, mouth guards for the lower teeth are also available.

If you have TMJ, we can also provide mouth guards that can be worn at night to alleviate painful symptoms like jaw clenching and teeth grinding. We also provide orthodontics and Botox injections for TMJ. As a comprehensive dental office, we offer a wide range of services for our Girard, IL patients. From general dentistry like cleanings and fillings to cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening and dental implants, you’ll find every service you need to have a healthy, beautiful smile. Contact our friendly, professional office today at 217-483-7177 or book your appointment online.

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