Dentist Mouth Guard Breckenridge, IL

Do you need a dentist approved mouth guard in Breckenridge, IL? As your local dentist, we highly recommend wearing a mouth guard during sports activities like basketball, football, soccer, gymnastics, skateboarding, and more. At least 25% of the mouth injuries we see in the office are sports-related. Wearing a custom mouth guard can protect your teeth and the soft parts of your mouth from damage.

There are several different types of mouth guards, and it’s important to understand the difference. There are one size fits all mouth guards that can be bought at sports stores. These mouth guards slip and slide out of your mouth because they aren’t custom fitted. There are the boil and mold mouth guards that can be purchased at drug stores. You take the mouth guard home, boil it in water to soften it, and mold it to your teeth. Unfortunately, neither of these mouth guards offer total protection for your teeth. In a sports game, they can easily fall out because they aren’t completely fitted to your mouth. If you use it the mouth guard at night, this type of guard can be uncomfortable and you may subconsciously spit it out while sleeping.

How Can I Protect My Teeth?

The solution? To wear a custom mouth guard! You need a dentist that can custom-fit a mouth guard for Breckenridge, IL patients. Fortunately, you’ve found one. Renken Dentistry is centrally located in Springfield and sees patients from the surrounding areas. We offer mouth guards for kids and adults. This piece of equipment should be found in every sports bag. If you experience bruxism, otherwise known as teeth grinding, it’s important to wear a mouth guard at night to protect your teeth from damage.

We are the dentist that can protect your teeth with a custom-fit mouth guard! If you live in Breckenridge, IL, or nearby neighborhoods, come see your local dentists at Renken Dentistry.

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