Dentist Mouth Guard Bissell, IL

Renken Dentistry loves to protect smiles and that’s why we provide fittings for a dentist mouth guard to our Bissell, IL patients. Our full-service dental office is located in nearby Springfield, IL and we’re currently taking new patients of all ages, from children all the way through seniors. We know there are a number of reasons and uses for a custom mouth guard, from protection during athletic activity to preventing tooth grinding at night. Whatever the reason, we want to help you keep that smile intact and sparkling for your entire life!

It’s extremely important to protect your head, face, and mouth during any athletic activity, whether it’s competitive or for recreation only. It should be an essential piece of gear in your kit, along with your other protective gear like pads or cups. Sports are a ton of fun, but you shouldn’t have to risk serious injury when you play! You may wonder what the difference between a common mouthguard found in any sporting goods store and a custom-fitted dentist mouth guard made for our Bissel patients. The difference is that a typical store-bought mouthguard is usually known as a “boil and bite” guard, which is made of a material that softens up when it’s placed in boiling water and is then placed in the mouth where the athlete can bite and shape it that way. These guards are better than nothing – they will offer some protection, but they’re not as effective as a professionally-made custom mouth guard from a dentist. A boiled mouth guard may slip or not mold correctly. A custom guard, on the other hand, is made by taking a full impression of the mouth and is shaped using that guide to fit the contours of your mouth perfectly. This offers you the best fit and most optimal protection against lost or broken teeth, as well as other oral injuries.

Renken Dentistry offers a full range of dental services for basic, advanced, and cosmetic dental care. In addition to offering a dentist mouth guard for our Bissell area patients, we also provide cleanings, x-rays, fillings, crowns, veneers, implants, and even treatments for TMJ and sleep apnea. We accept most forms of dental insurance, but if you don’t have any, you can talk to us about our alternative Health Assurance plan that covers basic preventative dental care for as little as $25 a month for an individual. We look forward to meeting you!

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