Dentist Mouth Guard Auburn IL

If you play sports or enjoy various recreational activities, it’s important to protect your teeth and mouth with dentist mouth guard. Approximately 25% of all the oral injuries we see at Renken Dentistry are due to playing sports without using a mouth guard. Unfortunately, many of these painful injuries could have been prevented. An over-the-counter bite and boil mouth guard offers some protection, but they often fit poorly. They may slide around or just feel uncomfortable enough that you avoid wearing one. Using a custom mouth guard gives you better protection because it’s a perfect fit! If you’ve been searching for a comfortable dentist mouth guard in Auburn, IL, give us a call at 217-483-7177 to schedule an appointment.

Why is it so important to wear a dentist mouth guard? Sports and some recreational activities like biking or horseback riding come with the risk of impact-related injuries. The majority of injuries are often minor, like chipped teeth, but serious injuries can happen as well. Teeth can become cracked, which makes them more susceptible to root canal infections, or they can be displaced or knocked out. The lips, cheeks, and tongue are also at risk of injury. Not only are sports-related injuries painful, but they can be expensive to treat. It’s a good idea for patients with braces to use mouth guards because it will protect your orthodontic hardware and prevent your braces from injuring the soft tissues in your mouth.

A dentist mouth guard is created using a custom mold of your teeth. This gives it a more comfortable fit and displaces the impact from your mouth if you get hit with a ball or elbow. Since the top teeth are generally more exposed, we’ll often create a custom mouth guard that’s just worn over them. However, depending on your needs, we can also create one for your bottom teeth. We care about our Auburn, IL patients and want you to be able to enjoy the activities you love without injury. In addition to mouth guards, we offer comprehensive dental care for the entire family. From dental cleanings to fillings, orthodontics to dental implants, you’ll find every service you need to have a happy, healthy smile. Schedule your appointment today by calling 217-483-7177 or book your appointment online.

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