Dentist for Kids Sherman, IL

Visiting a dentist for kids is the best way to introduce your child to routine dental care. While we see patients of all ages at our office, we specialize in helping young patients feel comfortable and enjoy visiting the dentist. Our friendly team is skilled at putting children at ease with fun, informative appointments. We’ve even developed a program that’s designed to introduce our youngest patients to the importance of dentistry and oral hygiene. If you’ve been searching for a children dentist near me in the Sherman, IL area, contact Renken Dentistry today to schedule your appointment!

How does a dentist for kids differ from a family dentist? While both treat kids, a children’s dentist is better suited to introduce young children to dentistry. Since visiting the dentist is a new experience for young patients, they may not know what to expect. Children can easily become apprehensive or fearful of new situations, so we make sure that every visit is a positive one. We may use humor, stuffed animals, or other props to help them relax and build trust.

For our youngest patients, we offer a fun, interactive program: FYSH (Find Your Smile Here) School. FYSH School is designed to teach kids about dental care and develop healthy oral hygiene habits in an age-appropriate environment with other children. We realize many kids may see stereotypes of the “scary” dentist in the media, so we spend time clearing up these misconceptions. Our team teaches kids what happens at the dentist, and how to take care of their teeth. Children are encouraged to become active participants in their oral health! Our FYSH School graduates are excited to brush, floss, share their knowledge, and come back for regular dentist visits.

Establishing routine dental care at an early age is essential for a lifetime of oral health. Visiting a dentist for kids is the best way to make sure your child has the strongest foundation possible. Since we see patients of all ages, we’re the perfect office for the whole family! We offer a full range of general dentistry services like cleanings, fillings, orthodontics, custom athletic mouthguards, and fluoride treatment. We also offer cosmetic dentistry. You’ll find everything you need to keep your family’s smile healthy and beautiful, right here at our office. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with a children dentist near me in the Sherman, IL area, give us a call today at 217-483-7177. We look forward to meeting you!

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