Dentist for Kids Palmer, IL

The best way to get your child used to the dentist is to visit a dentist for kids! Children that start seeing the dentist at an early age are less likely to develop dental issues or fears. Renken Dentistry is the perfect office for the whole family. We see patients of all ages and offer friendly, compassionate care. If you’ve been searching for a children dentist near me in the Palmer, IL area, give us a call at 217-483-7177 to schedule your appointment. 

Why is Dental Care so Important for Kids? 

Oral health is closely tied to overall health, so making sure your child begins dentist visits early is important for a healthy foundation. Even though young children’s teeth eventually fall out, baby teeth hold space for adult teeth to come in. It’s important for kids to have good oral health when those permanent teeth arrive. Without proper care, baby teeth can be subject to cavities, decay, and inflamed gums. Dental problems can be painful, which can make it difficult to concentrate in school. Cavities and other dental issues can also cause kids to feel self-conscious about talking and smiling. 

Dental anxiety is another reason why it’s important to visit a dentist for kids. Young children don’t have as much experience going to the dentist. Often the ideas they have about the dentist come from stereotypes they see in the media. The stereotype of the scary dentist or painful visits can make children afraid of visits – even if they’ve never had a negative experience. Many adults with dental anxiety started off as anxious children. As a dentist for kids, we understand this and work hard to dispel any misconceptions. Our caring team spends time helping kids understand the importance of dental care and showing them there’s nothing to fear.  

We’ve also developed a special program for our youngest Palmer, IL patients: FYSH (Find Your Smile Here) School. FYSH School gives kids a chance to learn about dental health in an interactive, age-appropriate environment with other children. We teach kids about proper oral hygiene and teach them about what happens at the dentist. FYSH School students love learning about dentistry and are excited to share what they learn. They’re also excited to visit our toddler dentist! FYSH School is a fun way to introduce your kids to dentistry and ensure they feel comfortable visiting us from the start. 

When you’re looking for a children dentist near me, we’re confident you and your family will love Renken Dentistry. Give us a call at 217-483-7177 or schedule your appointment online.

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