Dentist for Children Bissell, IL

Put your faith in a great dentist for children serving the Bissell, IL area when you come to see us here at Renken Dentistry! We are a kid friendly dentist office that puts emphasis on empowering children and reducing anxiety through education. We truly believe that teaching proper dental hygiene early and helping them understand what we’re doing during a dental exam is the foundation for a lifetime of good dental health. Children should be seeing a dentist as soon as they begin cutting their first teeth, so we’re proud to offer a dentist for toddlers as young as two years.

Getting your children to the dentist can be challenging for a variety of reasons, but it’s essential to get the process started early so that it becomes start of their standard routine of dental healthcare. It’s a relationship that starts with the parents – if you’re nervous about the dentist and avoid it whenever possible, that’s an attitude that your kids will likely pick up on. That’s why it’s so important to start building that relationship now with a friendly, educational dentist for children that’s available to patients in the Bissel, IL area. A kid friendly dentist that regularly works with children will have plenty of ideas and experience when it comes to keeping them calm and making sure the experience is educational and fun, rather than frightening. Through our FYSH Program (Find Your Smile Here), we work with local schools to teach kids about the importance of oral health in an interesting and easy-to-understand way. When we make children our partners in learning, they’re much more open to understanding what’s going on with their own health and more proactive with proper hygiene. We address old wives’ tales, talk about age-appropriate dental care, and gradually help kids feel excited about their oral health.

The team at Renken Dentistry is located in nearby Springfield, IL and is happy to accept new patients of all ages, from kids to seniors. We’re a full-service dental office that provides all the basic, advanced, and cosmetic dental care you might need and we accept a wide range of dental insurance plans. No insurance? No problem – we also offer a Health Assurance Plan alternative option where you and your family can receive basic dental care for an affordable monthly membership fee. Come see our dentist for children today, now serving patients in Bissell, IL and the surrounding areas!

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