Dental Insurance Taylorville, IL

Are you without dental insurance in Taylorville IL and in need of proper dental care? If so, then we here at Renken Dentistry we can offer you a solution in the form of our affordable Health Assurance Plan. We offer a selection of plans for a variety of prices in order to provide dental care for the uninsured that works based on your individual’s needs.

If you do not have dental insurance in Taylorville, IL, consider one of our Health Assurance Plans. You can use these plans to receive discounts on dental care at our office in Springfield.

Our Basic Support Plan starts at $25 a month per individual, or $95 for a household. As you can probably guess from the name, it offers a range of basic dental options. This includes sealants, X-Rays, dental cleanings, a 15% discount on basic, advanced, and elective care, as well as other benefits. It is a great option for people with no planned care and lower existing dental work.

Next is our Health Creator plan, which is $35 a month per individual, or $125 per household. This plan is a good fit for those with planned care and a moderate amount of dental work to maintain. It includes all the Basic Support Plan’s benefits, but with an increased discount of %35, as well as a %25 discount on orthodontic and Botox services, and more.

Finally, we offer a Health Rebuilding Plan at $85 a month per individual, or $265 for a household. As the name suggests, this plan is particularly beneficial for those who have desire to rebuild a healthy mouth and is designed for those with significant problems and a history of risk factors. It offers the same benefits as the previous plans and more, including an increase to a 45% discount on basic, advanced, and elective care, as well as more benefits.

At Renken Dentistry, we are dedicating to providing high-quality dental care for the uninsured and insured. Everyone deserves a happy and healthy smile. Choose a plan that works best for you and the Renken Dentistry team will ensure you get the appropriate discount on your next visit.

If any of this sounds appealing and you don’t have dental insurance in Taylorville IL, then it’s time to choose the right Health Assurance Plan for you and your family!

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