Dental Fillings

Most people need a tooth filling at some point in their lives. The good news is that there are more options than the dark metal fillings that our grandparents had. Our Springfield, IL dental office offers tooth fillings that blend perfectly with your natural teeth.

We provide both white fillings and the traditional silver amalgam fillings for patients. White fillings are a popular alternative to traditional amalgam metal fillings in our Springfield office. Our patients prefer tooth-colored ceramic for its aesthetic appeal and superior function. White ceramic fillings provide many benefits. When our dentists fill a tooth with white ceramic material as opposed to silver amalgam, it blends better with your existing teeth. It prevents graying of teeth, which happens when the silver begins showing through translucent enamel. All fillings weaken teeth over time, but ceramic does not expand like silver amalgam does. The silver amalgam can cause cracks in teeth over time.

We also offer metal fillings. The process to get white ceramic fillings is slightly longer than silver amalgam fillings, because the tooth must be kept dry and clean throughout the procedure. Patients might choose metal fillings for their back teeth where the dark color is less noticeable or because they are more affordable. These silver amalgam fillings have been trusted by dentists for decades. In fact, you may have some silver fillings! This trusted and durable material is more affordable than white ceramic fillings and is another option for our patients.

We offer both white fillings and the more traditional silver amalgam fillings. Selecting one often comes down to personal choice. For obvious reasons, most of our patients prefer white ceramic fillings over traditional amalgam fillings because they blend in with the color of natural teeth. If you are unsure which is right for you, discuss the options with your dentist. Our dentists always consider personal preference and dental history when creating a treatment plan. Schedule an appointment with our Springfield office today.

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