Most of us have developed a cavity at some time in our lives, but the good thing is nowadays, there are more dental filling options besides dark metal fillings.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

White fillings are a popular alternative to traditional amalgam metal fillings. Our patients prefer tooth-colored ceramic for its aesthetic appeal and superior function. Our Springfield, IL dentists use this type of dental filling material more often than silver amalgam, mainly because it blends in better with your natural teeth. White ceramic fillings can be applied to front and back teeth. Although the process takes a little longer than it does for an amalgam filling because the tooth surface must be kept dry and clean during the procedure, patients tend to want white fillings because they are less visible and look more natural.

Amalgam (Metal) Fillings

The dental amalgam filling your dentist used when you were a kid, is not out of use. It is sometimes referred to as silver or metal fillings and is made from a mixture of metals including silver, mercury, silver, copper, and tin. This dental filling material has been used by dentists for generations. Amalgam fillings are trusted, very durable and more affordable than white ceramic fillings; however, it lacks the natural, tooth-colored aesthetic appeal.

Fillings from Renken Dentistry

When it comes to treatment and dental filling materials, you have a say in your dental care strategy. At Renken Dentistry in Springfield, IL, we use both white ceramic or tooth-colored fillings and silver amalgam fillings. We will discuss with you and decide which choice is best on a case-by-case basis. Some cosmetic considerations include how long the dental filling may last, which option is covered by insurance, and out-of-pocket costs. Want to get started? Book an appointment with our Springfield office today.