Custom Sports Mouth Guard Toronto, IL

Looking for a custom sports mouth guard in Toronto, IL? If so, then the team here at Renken Dentistry is here to help. Many are unaware of the potential pain and damage that a sports injury could cause to their oral health, and often overlook the benefits that a custom athletic mouth guard can provide. A study from the American Dental Association (ADA) actually found that more than 200,000 oral injuries are prevented every year by wearing a mouth guard. It is for this reason that the professionals here at Renken Dentistry strongly recommend that anyone participating in any sports like wrestling or football get the appropriate protection, in order to ensure their good health.

A mouth guard is a thin, flexible piece of plastic that is placed over your teeth in order to protect them during any sporting activity, think of it as armor for your teeth. There are typically three types of mouth guards. The first is a simple stock mouth guard that you can find at most sporting stores. These are all pre-made and will mostly likely feel quite awkward, as they will probably be a bit too large or small to properly fit your mouth. The second option would be what’s known as a boil-and-bite guard. These mouth guards require a bit of work on your part, requiring you to heat up the plastic in warm water, before placing it into their mouth and squishing it over their teeth and gums in order to form the rubber, creating a more personalized piece of equipment. While certainly a better fit than a stock, these are mostly surface level customizations, and will still likely cause irritation. The third and final type, would be a custom athletic mouth guard made by a professional dentist. This guard is made not only to fit your upper jaw but is also made by considering your entire oral structure, taking into account the lower jaw as well. This type of guard will not only fit and feel the best, it will offer you the most protection, as it is specifically tailored to fit to your unique jaw.

If you truly want the best custom sports mouth guard in Toronto, IL that will not only offer strong protection and durability, but comfort as well, then be sure to give our team a call and schedule an appointment to get started as soon as possible.

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