Custom Sports Mouth Guard Taylorville IL

If you or your child participates in athletic activities or rowdy types of recreation throughout Taylorville IL, it’s essential to have a custom sports mouth guard to protect your teeth and mouth from impact-related injury. While you can purchase boil and bite mouth guards from drug stores or athletic supply stores, they tend to be a poor fit, uncomfortable, and don’t completely protect your mouth from harm. At Renken Dentistry, approximately 25% of the dental injuries we treat are sports–related and many of them could have been prevented with the use of a custom athletic mouth guard.

While generic plastic bite and boil mouth guards are certainly better than no protection at all, they can slip and slide around in the mouth, leaving your teeth poorly protected from impact-related injury. A custom sports mouth guard is created by your dentist in-house, allowing us to create a perfect, comfortable fit for you. We can also create custom-fit mouth guards to help with night-time teeth grinding and clenching, as well as alleviate jaw tension from TMJ. Most mouth guards tend to be fitted to the upper teeth only as they’re less protected from injury, however, they can also be fitted for the bottom teeth based on your needs.

A custom athletic mouth guard is useful for all types of sports and recreation, including football, soccer, baseball, skating, bicycling, horseback riding, or even skateboarding. Any of these activities have the potential for impact to the mouth or face, which could result in split lips, lacerations, chipped, broken, or knocked out teeth. Sports are a great way to stay active and healthy; a custom sports mouth guard will ensure that you or your family members can continue to have a good time while staying protected from injury and oral trauma!

In addition to mouth guards, we provide comprehensive dental care for the entire family! Whether you’re in need of general dentistry procedures such a teeth cleanings, dental fillings or dental sealants, or you’re interested in cosmetic options such as dental implants, Zoom! Teeth whitening, or ceramic veneers, we’re your all-in-one dental office! We care about our Taylorville IL patients and want them to be able to enjoy the activities they love without injury. If you need a comfortable mouth guard for your athletic bag, give us a call today at 217-483-7177!  

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