Custom Sports Mouth Guard Morrisonville, IL

A custom sports mouth guard is an essential piece of protective gear that should be in any athlete’s equipment bag. While you could buy a generic boil and bite mouthguard from the drug store or sports supply shop, a custom mouthguard is significantly more comfortable and will provide far greater protection from impact-related injury. At Renken Dentistry, approximately 25% of the oral injuries we treat are caused by sports. We love that our Morrisonville, IL patients are active and want them to be able to enjoy the activities they love while keeping their smiles safe from harm! Our custom-fit mouthguards are comfortable and provide the best possible protection from dental and oral injuries!

Benefits Of A Custom Mouth Guard

A custom sports mouth guard works by protecting your teeth and the soft tissues in your mouth from injury from blows to the face or head. They’re very important for anyone who’s exposed to types of sports or recreation that involves potential falls, bodily contact, or equipment that’s thrown or kicked. While athletic mouth guards are commonly used by those who play impact-related sports such as football or hockey, many people don’t realize that they’re also very beneficial for a wide range of recreational activities such as bicycling, skating, horseback riding, or gymnastics. All these activities present a potential risk to the face and mouth.

How does a custom sports mouth guard differ from a bite and boil mouth guard? First, it’s custom-fit to your individual mouth. This provides the most comfortable fit and the best protection. It won’t slip and slide around in your mouth or cause abrasions from uncomfortable rubbing. In the case of teeth grinding or jaw clenching, a custom mouth guard can also be created at different thicknesses according to your needs. A custom athletic mouth guard is also a lot more durable than a mouth guard you’d buy over the counter and won’t lose its shape. Athletic mouth guards typically cover just the top teeth and protect your teeth from being knocked out, cutting your cheek or tongue, or other types of oral injuries.


If you have TMJ/TMD, we can also create custom mouth guards that can be worn at night to alleviate painful symptoms like jaw clenching and teeth grinding; we also have a number of other treatment options that are effective in treating TMJ, including Botox injections and orthodontics. As a comprehensive dental office, we offer a wide range of dental services for our Morrisonville, IL patients, from general dentistry to cosmetic procedures. Whether you need a custom mouth guard for sports or TMJ, dental fillings, fluoride treatment, teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers, or simply a teeth cleaning, you’ll find everything you need to have a healthy, beautiful smile at our friendly, professional office! Contact us today at 217-483-7177 to book your appointment!

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