Custom Sports Mouth Guard Jacksonville, IL

We are so glad that you are looking for a custom sports mouth guard in Jacksonville, IL! Over one-quarter of the mouth injuries we see at Renken Dentistry are sports-related. If you or a loved one plays basketball, football, baseball, soccer, gymnastics, or even just jumps on a skateboard from time to time, we highly recommend wearing a custom mouth guard to ensure optimal oral health and a lifetime of confident smiling.

Sports-related oral injuries result from unexpected falls or contact and include a tooth cutting through a lip or cheek, or the shattering, cracking, breaking or loosening of teeth as they impact each other, another player or the playing surface. Dental catastrophes happen constantly when competing at the highest levels or just playing recreationally and a mouth guard is essential sports equipment.

Of course, you have some choices when it comes to mouth guards but not all are equal, or even safe. A one-size-fits-all mouthguard from a sports store slips and slides inside your mouth and may not be in place when it really counts. Boil and mold mouth guards from pharmacies are better but still are not a perfect fit, leaving your mouth unprotected at critical moments of impact. On the other hand, a custom mouth guard that we expertly fit to your teeth cushions and shields the upper teeth of your mouth, the area most likely to be injured or to injure another part of your face. It also offers superior comfort—keeping your mouth safe doesn’t have to be unpleasant!

If you live in Jacksonville, IL, or nearby, we are the dentist that can protect your teeth with a professionally-fitted custom sports mouth guard! For this and all your general and cosmetic dentistry needs, call Renken Dentistry at 217-483-7177 today or visit us online to book an appointment.

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