Custom Sports Mouth Guard Grandview, IL

Why do dentists recommend a custom sports mouth guard for any child or adult active in sports in Grandview, IL? Because a sports injury can cause immense pain and serious damage to your oral health. Having a custom mouth guard can help protect you or your child from a painful injury.

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Most of the mouth-related injuries we see are to the top row of teeth. The upper row is more vulnerable, while the lower teeth are less exposed. Since an injury to the top row is so common, we recommend a custom sports mouth guard for Grandview patients to protect their upper teeth. This protective guard can prevent broken teeth, tooth loss, and other injuries to your jaw or face. Without a custom mouth guard, teeth can go through the upper lip during impact. A properly fitted mouth guard keeps your teeth in place should an accident occur.

A custom sports mouth guard should be a part of every equipment bag in Grandview, IL. While sports are beneficial, the risk of injury while playing football, soccer, gymnastics, skating, or horseback riding is high. If you or your children are active in sports and dynamic recreational activities, it’s crucial to protect your face and mouth. Many people get the mouth guards that can be found in sports equipment stores. These boil-and-bite mouth guards are better than nothing, but unfortunately, do not offer a great fit. They can slide around the mouth and feel uncomfortable. Renken Dentistry offers custom-fitted mouth guards that will perfectly contour to your mouth. This allows patients to be comfortable and protected while playing sports. We want everyone to have a happy and healthy smile! Ensure your teeth are protected by scheduling an appointment with us today.

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