Custom Sports Mouth Guard Bradfordton, IL

Looking for a custom sports mouth guard near Bradfordton, IL? Give Renken Dentistry a call. Physical contact is part of almost every sport, even if you do not come into contact with someone else, there’s always the possibility a piece of sports equipment could come flying at you (possibly a baseball, for example). A custom sports mouth guard near Bradfordton, IL will offer the best protection while you partake in the sport you love and protect you from oral injuries at the same time. Some examples of these injuries could be cuts and bruises, tooth fractures or dislocations, and jaw damage. Custom mouth guards even reduce brain injury due to the mouth guard taking some of the impact when an object hits the mouth. There are two types of mouth guards out there which include the over-the-counter sports mouth guard or custom mouth guard. The drawback to wearing an over-the-counter option is that it is likely to be uncomfortable since it is not custom fitted to your mouth. Nobody wants to feel uncomfortable when they should be in their element. Having an uncomfortable mouth piece can cause a distraction during the sports game.

Wondering how a custom mouth guard is created? At Renken Dentistry, an impression is taken of your teeth, then the mouth guard is made from your impression to ensure that it fits securely and comfortably.

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