Having a memorable smile is a huge advantage; it is something you’d be proud to show off. Across all walks of life, making a strong positive first impression is so important. If you feel less confident due to cracked, severely decayed or chipped teeth, it is time to improve that imperfect grin with high-quality ceramic dental crowns at Renken Dentistry.

What are dental crowns?

Ceramic dental crowns, or caps, are fixed dental appliances used to restore teeth function and improve your appearance. Unlike dentures that are removed for daily cleaning, dental crowns are permanently bonded to natural teeth or dental implants. Only a dentist can remove them, once attached.

Benefits of Ceramic Dental Crowns

If you have worn down or broken teeth, dental crowns will strengthen them, improve your smile and help you get back to chewing with ease. Ceramic crowns are thinner and require less tooth reduce reduction, making them ideal for patients with limited mouth space. Also, our Springfield dentists sometimes apply crowns to our patient’s back teeth after root canal surgery to reinforce the weakened tooth structure.

Ceramic Crowns from Renken Dentistry

At Renken Dentistry in Springfield, our well-crafted cosmetic crowns are made solely of ceramic, mixed with no other material. These top notch dental appliances are much different than other types of crowns. Most ceramic crowns are made of porcelain fused with other metals. Our crowns are produced using CAD/CAM technology and are constructed with a translucent all-ceramic material that blends in so well with your remaining natural teeth no one will ever guess you are wearing them. You will feel more confident and look better. Ready to restore a healthier, nicer looking smile? Book an appointment with our office today!