Botox Taylorville, IL

Why would Renken Dentistry offer Botox for Taylorville, IL patients? Our professional dental office serves patients in Springfield and the surrounding areas. Botox injections have proven an effective relief for TMJ.

TMD (temporomandibular joint disorder), commonly referred to as TMJ, is a fairly broad term for the pain and dysfunction in the muscles and joints that move the jaw. It is a condition that can lead to migraine-like headaches, difficulty chewing, noticeable clicking or popping noises when opening or closing the mouth, or just general discomfort in your jaw (which some patients may perceive as ear pain). This disorder is mostly caused by excess pressure, stress, or overall wear to a joint, which can be caused by several different factors. If a patient’s teeth are misaligned, teeth grinding can be a fairly common factor. The pain that patients experience can range from minor discomfort to major pain and often restricts the selection of food that they can eat. Our desire to help drove us to offer Botox for Taylorville, IL patients and residents of nearby communities.

Getting Botox for TMJ is a new, promising treatment that helps to relieve the symptoms caused by this disorder. It is a fairly simple, non-surgical procedure that is performed by a trained doctor in order to alleviate jaw tension. Reactions to treatments do vary, but you could see effects in as little as 30 minutes! We even offer payment plans for patients without insurance.

TMD can have an overwhelming impact on daily life. Constant pain, as well as a restriction in what foods someone can eat, is something that can seriously affect the quality of a patient’s life. If you have been experiencing these symptoms and are looking for relief, then you should contact our team here at Renken Dentistry. Give us a call at (217) 483-7177 to learn more about this treatment. Schedule an appointment to get the best Botox treatment in Taylorville, IL as soon as possible!

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