Botox Morrisonville, IL

If you suffer from painful TMJ/TMD symptoms, you may be surprised to learn that Botox offers effective relief. While most people generally think of Botox as a purely cosmetic procedure, its muscle relaxing properties have many medical benefits and can significantly improve our Morrisonville, IL patients’ quality of life. At Renken Dentistry, our patient’s comfort and health are our top priorities; we’re proud to offer Botox for TMJ and bite alignment options to help relieve pain and improve daily activities such as eating, drinking, talking and chewing. If you’ve been curious if a TMJ Botox injection is right for you, give us a call to schedule a consultation today.

Botox is an effective treatment to smooth fine lines and wrinkles, but it’s long been used to address many medical conditions related to muscle pain. We use Botox for TMJ symptoms, bruxism (teeth grinding) and jaw clenching, however, it’s also very effective in reducing other types of facial pain, migraines, and mandibular spasms. The procedure is quick and relatively painless (most patients say it feels like a pin-prick) and the results last for approximately 4-6 months. Our dentists are uniquely qualified to administer Botox for TMJ as they have more extensive knowledge of the muscle and bone structures of the face than other health care professionals. This allows us to administer precise injections that eliminate facial and dental pain while improving your day to day activities.

We also offer orthodontic options for those who may be experiencing pain due to misaligned teeth or bite issues, as well as comfortable, custom-fit mouth guards to prevent and protect your teeth from bruxism. As a complete dental office providing comprehensive dental care, we have solutions to fit every patient’s needs. Whether you suffer from TMJ, have bite issues that are causing you pain, or you simply need a regular dentist for issues for routine care, you’ll be happy you chose us. We also offer a complete line of cosmetic procedures, from Zoom! Teeth Whitening to ceramic veneers and implants. Whatever you or your family needs, you’ll find it all at our Morrisonville, IL office. Give us a call today at 217-483-7177 to schedule your appointment or fill out our convenient online form.

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