Botox Grandview, IL

Have you been looking into treating your temporomandibular joint disorder with Botox in the Grandview, IL area? You’ve found the best dentist for the job. Renken Dentistry is a full-service dental office offering a complete suite of services in basic and advanced dental care, including using Botox for TMJ. While most people are familiar with the injectable as a cosmetic solution for fine lines and wrinkles in the face, a TMJ Botox injection serves a different purpose – to relieve tension and pressure in the jaw muscles.

The Pain Relief You Need

Botox is available at several locations in the Grandview and Springfield areas, but few of those locations use it as a TMJ treatment. Due to its paralytic properties, it relaxes the injected muscles. This is a very effective solution to relieve stress in the jaw caused by TMJ, relieving many of the more painful symptoms. This disorder can cause tension and pain in the jaw muscles and joints, teeth grinding and clenching, and even headaches and migraines. With Botox for TMJ, some or all of these symptoms can be relieved. There are several other options for treatment as well, including mouth guards, custom-made splints, and bite correction. We’re here to help you treat and control this painful and often debilitating disorder.

Concerned about the cost of treatments due to your lack of dental insurance? We’re happy to offer an alternative to insurance – our Health Assurance membership program. For as low as $25 per month per individual, you’ll have access to all the preventative dental care you need along with significant discounts on advanced and cosmetic dentistry, including Botox treatments for your TMJ. These treatments are available to all Grandview area patients.

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