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Find dental Botox treatments locally near Bissell, IL by making an appointment with Renken Dentistry today. What is dental Botox for TMJ? Most people commonly know that Botox is a toxin modified for medical use that’s often found in aesthetic and cosmetic practices. While it is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, it’s also frequently used in other health applications. A TMJ Botox injection can reduce muscle tension in the jaw and relieve a variety of symptoms caused by the disorder.

TMJ or TMD, otherwise known as temporomandibular joint disorders, causes a number of uncomfortable or outright painful symptoms for people living with the issue. Most sufferers experience pain or discomfort in the jaw joint and the muscles that control the jaw. It can result in tooth grinding, jaw clenching, joint popping, and even migraines. We’re offering Botox treatments to our Bissell, IL and other nearby patients because we’ve seen significant improvement in many of these symptoms with the appropriate application. Botox for TMJ works by applying its paralytic properties to the muscles of the jaw, which relax them and can greatly reduce the pain and tension that causes grinding, clicking, and headaches.

This treatment is one of several options we offer for the treatment of TMJ. We’re a full-service dental office that also offers treatment for sleep apnea and other disorders, as well as basic, advanced, and cosmetic dentistry of all stripes. We accept many different types of dental insurance and are happy to work with patients who don’t have dental insurance at all. As part of our program, we offer an alternative Health Assurance Plan with several different levels for patients who need basic dental coverage or more extensive work. Our membership plans start as low as $25/month for an individual or $95/month for a family. These plans include your basic dental care for the year as well as significant discounts on other procedures, including Botox for our TMJ patients in the Bissell and surrounding areas.

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