Sports Mouth Guards

If you or anyone in your family is involved in sports, or other recreational activities, it is very important to always protect your face and mouth. Wear a custom fit athletic sports guard to prevent tooth loss, broken teeth, and other injuries to your jaw or face.

A mouth guard is made to cover and shield your upper teeth with a protective inner cushion. It is common for upper teeth to get damaged during an impact because they are more vulnerable. Lower teeth are set back a bit more and are less exposed.

Importance of Sports Mouth Guards

An essential part of any sports-oriented person’s gear, an athletic sports mouth guard should be used starting at an early age. A dental catastrophe can occur when you least expect it, especially if you play a high-risk sport that involves a lot physical contact, or even during a seemingly harmless activity like gymnastics or skating.

Types of Mouth Guards

  • Custom-made mouth guardsare only offered by dentists, and are built to fit the contours of your mouth perfectly.
  • Boil and bite mouth guardscommonly found in sporting goods, department, and drug stores—are not nearly as effective in protecting your smile, but they are much better than wearing nothing. This type of protection is softened in boiled water, inserted into the mouth and shaped to fit.

Unlike over-the-counter mouth guards, sports guards that are custom-made specifically for your mouth by your dentist at Renken Dentistry in offer the best fit and optimal protection; book an appointment for your own custom mouth guard at our Springfield, IL office today!