Options for new teeth including dental implants.


Options for new teeth

Sometimes an implant can be placed the same day the old tooth is removed, sometimes healing must first occur. Get these questions answered:

  • Options for temporary teeth?
  • Will implant teeth be glued in?
  • Time between implant placements?
  • If attached to a denture, will teeth be screwed in?
  • Snapped in so the patient can remove them?
  • Number of implants needed to feel well, function well, and get your smile back?

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3D scan for bone evaluation prior to dental implants.


Enough bone to safely hold the implant

This is the most critical factor in making implants work … and why a 3D image of the the implant location is so vital.

A new implant needs good bone on all sides to stay healthy long term. Only a 3D scan measures bone shape and quality so the implant length and shape are just right for you. A 3D scan also shapes your options if bone needs to be added.

Older, two-dimensional x-rays used by many dentists don’t provide information about bone width or quality. A 3D scan is essential during the planning stage to identify nerves, blood vessels, and sinuses so they can be avoided. Information from the scan serves as a guide for implants to be placed in just the right spot and to ensure your safety.

Without exception, a 3D scan is a must!

Get a FREE 3D Scan & Personalized 5 Point Plan!

How does health and medicine affect dental implants?


Affect of health and medicines

Medicines you’re taking may complicate implants, as well as chronic health issues past or present. Your body needs to heal around the implant and maintain its connection with the bone for years to come.

A thorough health review at the time of your implant consultation is the first step for a great outcome. Tell your doctor about all medicines you’re taking, even if they don’t seem related to teeth.

Get a FREE 3D Scan & Personalized 5 Point Plan!

Recovery time for dental implants.


Recovery time

Everybody is different — some patients get an implant and head back to work the same day. Others might need a few days to return to normal activity.

Many patients can have an implant placed with the same local anesthetic used for a filling. Some patients, though, because of the need for extensive reconstruction, might require sedation done by a specialist surgeon. Surprisingly, implants sometimes can be done without stitches and only a few ibuprofen for comfort.

The key is to work with a proactive dentist who thoroughly explores your situation. You then will arrive at a plan together that is just right for you.

Get a FREE 3D Scan & Personalized 5 Point Plan!

How much do dental implants cost?


Clearly understand the total cost

Numerous steps may be involved with implants, so costs can be tricky. Ask about costs for:

  • Tooth removal
  • Bone augmentation
  • Abutments and crowns (that ultimately make them a tooth)
  • Sedation services?
  • Does your insurance cover those costs?
  • Is there a missing tooth clause limiting your insurance coverage for dental implants?
  • Will the dental office send a pre-estimate to your insurer?

Some offices provide bundle pricing for the entire process to remove the mystery and complexity.

Don’t start a procedure until you feel completely comfortable with the arrangement!

Get a FREE 3D Scan & Personalized 5 Point Plan!


Get a FREE 3D Scan &
Personalized 5 Point Plan!

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As a leading dentist in the Springfield, IL area, Renken Dentistry has invested in a 3D scanner and welcomes you into their office for a FREE 3D Scan and Personalized 5 Point Plan.

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